Fiddler Crabs

Fiddler Crab (Uca) at the GTM National Estuarine Research Reserve.

by Linda

The Chickadees stopped hanging around our nest box and now a Bluebird couple is hanging around. It’s been interesting.

A few days ago we had a nor’easter come through. It was very rainy and windy. We needed the rain. At the tail end of things, the rained stopped but the wind did not. I saw a Red-bellied Woodpecker working on a nest hole. I kept the sound for the video so you can hear the wind in spite of the covering on the mike and you can see the trees swaying. Watch the chips begin to fly as she works on the hole and watch how she uses her tail to prop herself while working.

Today, I volunteered at the GTM with Amy. We drove a golf cart about 7 miles through the reserve to get to a camera where we were supposed to download some video. I think the storm did something to the set up because it was not working properly. Amy and I hung around taking pictures and video and watching the wildlife while awaiting instructions on how to download when the equipment wasn’t working properly. It turns out, we had to leave without accomplishing our goal.

But, Amy and I had a great time watching the wildlife while waiting. We saw a bunch of jelly fish lying on the shore and Fiddler crabs everywhere. I got some neat video of the crabs.

Fiddler crabs males are the ones that have one big claw and one small claw. The crabs eat by getting the microorganisms, etc. off the soil they bring to their mouths. After they get what they can eat, they roll the soil into a ball and leave it behind. The males use the claws to wave to the females to show how healthy and wonderful they are. The size of the burrows they make are the size of the large claw on the male. I noticed some other little crabs but I have not been able to identify them. (When Regis edited this post, he wanted to make sure I pointed out that size matters.)

Jellyfish stranded on the shore at the GTM National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Amy and I brought water, cameras, chairs, and snacks with us since we expected to wait awhile to download the video from the camera. When I got home, I realized that I did not have my chair. I know I left the site with the chair, but I don’t remember us having it when we dropped off the golf cart. I have a feeling it fell off the back and is sitting on one of the trails. At least I didn’t lose my camera gear!!

2 Comments on “Fiddler Crabs

  1. Loved the videos. The crabs are pretty industrious little critters. I watched the videos several times once I got on my computer. Its much better looking at them on the bigger screen. I love watching the woodpeckers as well. Thanks for sharing!!


    • The woodpeckers are making great progress on their new home. I hope to get some video this week-end that shows how well along they are. I loved the crabs too!


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