Alligators at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, Florida. Note the one guy in front, center with the curled lip on one side. I don’t know whether this guy was born this way or had a fight in his life.

By Linda

I’ve been running around enjoying the Florida environment, but not bringing my camera for some of these excursions. I’ve been using my new cell phone to capture a few of the moments.

I volunteer in a bunch of capacities and I’m trying to streamline that because I spend TOO much time volunteering. I love the citizen science aspects of volunteering and I’m trying to gravitate in that direction. So, I recently volunteered at the Alligator Farm to count breeding birds and got the above picture of some alligators. I got some not so great footage of a chick but Regis and I are having a lot of trouble getting that footage uploaded to youtube. Go figure. I need to go back with a better camera anyway.

We’ve been enjoying our new house and the abundant wildlife we see. There are lots of birds all the time. The Red-bellied Woodpeckers are making great progress with their nest hole behind our property. No one has taken over our nest box. The Bluebirds show up, then the Chickadees, then the Bluebirds, then the Chickadees. I don’t know what they don’t like in order to make a commitment.

Regis, Dart, and I are in heaven with the new house. The house brings in more sunshine which makes the biggest difference. We love all the wildlife we see where we are located. I’d love to get some camera traps, but I’m not in a position to do that right now.

I’m working on a couple fronts to get some of my best images available for purchase. I have some images on to purchase. Additionally, I’m beginning to upload images to iStock/Getty images. Several images are available there right now.

2 Comments on “Alligators

  1. I’ve always thought alligators were kind of creepy. lol I went to the link to look at your frame pictures but it says ‘no match’. Hmmm am I doing something wrong?


    • I will check on that today and find out what’s wrong. Alligators aren’t creepy!!


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