Baby Alligators

Baby Alligator

I went looking for baby alligators today at the GTM Reserve and I was successful. I also think I found their mom. She was keeping an eye on me.

I think this was the mom alligator. She was close to the young.

I saw an armadillo on the way to the car.

Armadillo. I love those ears. This little fellow reminds me of Piglet.

I was enjoying some flowers and noticed little green bees visiting them.

Bee visiting flower at the GTM Reserve.

I’ve seen a few more snakes than usual lately. We had a Southern Black Racer in the backyard yesterday and I saw a Pygmy Rattlesnake while walking Dart this morning. I was hoping to see some Water Snakes while I was at the GTM, but it didn’t happen.

Southern Black Racer in my backyard.

4 Comments on “Baby Alligators

  1. Great photos! We had a black racer in our yard two days in a row. Also today we saw a gator on the banks of the pond as you come in to our road. I love seeing your beautiful pictures.


    • I have seen one or more gators in every pond on our street. Paul and Spencer named most of them but I don’t remember the names.


  2. My mom has three gators in the pond in front of her house. One is rather large and the other two are medium size. People still walk their dogs close by around the pond area. I would be kind of leery because those buggers can move fast.


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