Birds in our Backyard

Male Bluebird

We’ve had bird drama in our yard recently. Some Bluebirds have been checking out the nest box, bathing in the birdbath, checking out the gourds, etc. But, I keep seeing two males and they are often fighting. I got some video below of a pair of Bluebirds hanging out at the nest box, but you can hear additional Bluebirds in the background.

This particular female would not go inside the nest box. This poor male tried and tried for a few days and she would not go inside. I was really feeling sorry for the guy.

This evening I heard what sounded like baby birds cheeping. A bit later, three birds lined up at the bird bath to drink. It turns out, they were baby Bluebirds.

I wonder if a pair of Bluebirds nested in a cavity in one of the trees and a different Bluebird was trying to entice the female to nest in the box. Perhaps all the fighting was between the resident male and the newcomer.

I don’t know for sure, but it’s been interesting to watch.

Bluebirds. Notice that there are sounds of additional bluebirds nearby.

We saw an Osprey in the tree that just caught a fish.

Osprey. Toward the end of this video, the Osprey “lightens its load” before departing. Also, notice the pair of Bluebirds that briefly fly by in the middle of the video.

There was a hawk in one of the trees. I’m sure the hawk finds the bird feeder in the back worth watching.

Red-shouldered Hawk

4 Comments on “Birds in our Backyard

    • We love it! We moved to this house two months ago because of the wildlife. It has worked out.


  1. I love bluebirds. I now have a nest with 4 eggs. I think I have mine trained to come to the feeder when I put mealworms out. I just whistle and they usually come.


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