The orange stuff is pollen in the bee’s pollen baskets.

Yesterday and today I spent time trying to get pictures of the bumblebees visiting my purple Salvia. If I thought photographing birds in flight was tough, it’s nothing compared to trying to capture a flying bumblebee. It’s interesting to get a close up look at what’s going on. They move very quickly so I had to really shorten the shutter speed.

I love how they really tuck into the blossom.
There is a drop of liquid on the front of this bee.
Look at how this bee is grabbing onto the blossom.

We’ve had baby Bluebirds hanging around our yard. They visit the bird bath and the bird feeder regularly. Bluebirds will eat sunflower chips (seeds without the shells) and these little guys are regular customers.

Baby Bluebird at our bird feeder.

The nesting box in the backyard has a bluebird nest with eggs in it. I don’t know how I missed that. I’ve been watching birds do walk-throughs of the box but no takers. Then, boom, we have Bluebird eggs.

Regis got more video of the Red-bellied Woodpecker pair. When mom goes into the nest cavity for a few seconds, you’ll notice her coming out with debris. She was obviously cleaning up.

Red-bellied Woodpeckers feeding their young. Mom Woodpecker obviously does some cleaning of the nest cavity a little over half way through the video.

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