Great Egret Mama Drama

Three Great Egret chicks harassing mom for a meal.

While at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, Florida the other day, I was witness to some unruly Great Egret chicks harassing the parent. With mother’s day coming, I decided this was a mom. After viewing the following photos documenting the drama, all those mom’s out there with multiple children may identify with this poor mama egret.

(It makes me wonder if my mother-in-law went through this while raising three sons close in age.)

The chicks are almost as big as mom and she doesn’t seem to stand a chance with all of them after the meal she has to provide. She can only feed one at a time.
Let’s all grab mom’s head.
More tussling.
Wait, one chick is going to bully the other.
As the bullying continues, the other chick is getting a meal.
I wonder if the chick getting bullied will make it out of the nest alive
Mom is contemplating making a break for it.
She didn’t escape fast enough. Can you find the head to all the birds in this tangled mess?
This is mom getting out of there. She’s going to let dad deal with this bunch.
In the same tree, the Wood Stork mama is thanking her lucky stars she’s a Wood Stork.
And the Snowy Egret babies are either waiting patiently for the next meal or relaxing while digesting the last one.

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