Snake in the House

Corn Snake in our house

Pretty cool! We had a snake in our house this evening. I’m pretty sure it was a corn snake. I knew it wasn’t a venomous snake, so I took the time to take a photo. Regis wanted to get it out of the house and he was aggravated that I wouldn’t let him until I got a picture. It’s night and the light is dim so I needed a tri-pod, yada, yada, yada. He had to wait.

We’re not entirely sure how this snake wound up in our house, but we left one of the doors open for Dart this evening. Who knows? Pretty cool though.

Pileated Woodpecker in our backyard.

4 Comments on “Snake in the House

  1. I agree, the snake IS pretty cool. At lot of people would freak out at the mere IDEA of having a snake in the house, but I am not bothered by them at all. And corn snakes have really lovely markings.

    The company that handles our annual termite inspection went up in our attic last year and made two announcements: 1) You have evidence of mice up here and 2) there’s evidence of a snake being up here. Well, yes, I’m sure we do, given that we live in a semi-rural area. I’m sure both statements were intended to freak me out and get me to purchase pest control services. But I said that if there was a snake up there, it was following the mice, and that’s a good thing. And I have cats, so if a mouse shows up in the house, they usually take care of it. No pesticides needed, and all is in balance and harmony in the natural world.


  2. When I first moved into my house I would see an occasional dead baby black snake in the yard, and then later on I found a live adult black snake in the garden. After Dennis accidentally killed it while tilling the dirt, I haven’t seen a snake since. 😦


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