Tree Frog

We have a tree frog that shows up regularly on our screened lanai. The first time we noticed the frog, we had guests over for the evening. One of our guests spotted the frog on the lanai and captured it and put it outside.

We had a screened lanai in our last house. We saw anoles regularly on the lanai but never any dead ones. Occasionally, we saw dried up frogs. It bothered me that I hadn’t noticed them sooner to save them.

Tree frog sleeping on the top of the post on our screened lanai. This is where it hangs out every day.

I, therefore assumed, the frogs couldn’t figure their way in and out of the screened lanai but the anoles could.

Regis saw a tree frog on the lanai after the first one was “rescued” and he also removed it and let it outside.

I later found a tree frog in the same area and “rescued” it and put it outside.

We began to noticed something. At the top of the post on the lanai is a very small ledge. We see a tree frog resting/sleeping their every day. When the sun sets, the tree frog ventures down the post. This is when we usually “rescue” it, but we’ve been leaving it alone lately. All night it does whatever it does and the next morning it can be found sleeping on the ledge.

I have no way of knowing for sure, but I think it is the same frog and it has its routine. Our constant “rescuing” it probably messes up its day.

I’ve become fond of the little guy and I would miss it if it I didn’t see it resting on the ledge when I woke up in the morning.

Tree frog as it ventures its way down the post on our screened lanai after the sun sets.

2 Comments on “Tree Frog

  1. Very cute!! My mom has a decorative birdhouse hanging in her backyard a frog hangs out in. He hangs his head out of the opening many times. I think he is camera shy, for each time I attempt to capture a photo in goes his head. Rascal.


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