The duckling in the back has a plastic ring around its head.

Over the last two days, I saw a couple situations where plastic is having a negative impact on wildlife. In the picture above, the duckling in the back has a plastic ring caught around its head. These ducklings are in our neighborhood. I was across the pond when I took pictures, so I didn’t notice the ring until I put the pictures on my computer. By the time Regis and I got back to help the duck, the ring was no longer there.

The duckling on the right has a plastic ring around its head.

My friend, who lives north of Villano Beach, told me about a cardinal nest over there that is made up of plastic and twigs. It was difficult to get a good picture, but I got the shot below. There’s a lot of plastic in this nest. I don’t know how that will work out when it rains. Hopefully, the cardinals will be successful.

A cardinal nest with a lot of plastic.

We continue to see the juvenile bluebirds at our bird bath and feeder. They are beautiful little birds. There were five eggs in the nest box in our backyard. Three of the eggs hatched recently. It doesn’t look like the other two are going to hatch.

Juvenile bluebird.

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