Gopher Tortoise

Regis and I recently volunteered at the GTM Reserve to download some video for a research project. We encountered a gopher tortoise going in and out of the water. I thought this was unusual because I understood they might do this to get rid of ticks. But, this tortoise wasn’t staying in the water long enough to get rid of ticks. Regis thought it might be cooling off.

Gopher Tortoise

On the home front, we have bluebirds nesting in a box we placed when we moved here at the end of February.

Female Bluebird leaving nestbox in St. Augustine, Florida
Male bluebird in our backyard ready to feed chicks.
These Horse Shoe Crabs are dead and probably washed up in the last high tide.
Osprey with a fish we saw during our recent GTM volunteer effort
Fiddler crabs we saw at the GTM Reserve during our volunteering.

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