Rat Snake

I need to make a correction to an earlier post. I said we had a Rat Snake/Corn Snake in the house. We had a corn snake in the house. Rat Snakes are different snakes. I am working to learn Florida snakes and need to work a little harder!

Today, I saw a Rat Snake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis).

I went to the GTM Reserve today and saw the snake, some cool bugs, a tug boat pushing a crane down the intracoastal waterway and enjoyed the good weather and cool things to see.

There was an anole hanging around and displaying its dewlap. It wasn’t until I started going through the pictures that I realized the lizard was in the process of shedding its skin.

We have two racoons hanging around our neighborhood that we see regularly. They are usually on the move and around in low light conditions, so it is hard to get a picture. I finally got this picture from last evening.

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