On My Way to Alaska

Mount Adams with Mount St. Helen’s in the background.

I left for Alaska recently from Florida. It takes 3 different flights to get there. Fortunately, my son lives in Seattle so I took two flights to get to Seattle the first day and spent the night at his new home. Then, I left for Anchorage the next day.

Whew, I’m exhausted. I’ve had to bring a lot of clothes and camera gear for my 10 days in Alaska. I’m spoiled with traveling mostly in a motor home where packing is not an issue. When I arrived in Seattle after a long flight and sitting for an hour on the Seattle runway before we got to the gate, I was tired. I took the light rail to Jason’s home which was fantastic. But, I had too much stuff to drag along. Jason picked me up at the light rail station to go the 1/2 mile to his new house.

He just purchased the home and was moving that day. It turned out to be an interesting experience. The movers were slow and didn’t finish until after midnight. I don’t know when they left because I crashed around midnight. I woke up at 3.00 a.m. in St. Augustine to fly to Seattle. So midnight was 3.00 a.m. according to my internal clock.

Pushing the slow move aside, it was great to spend time with my son and his partner. I love their new home and will visit them on my return. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the 10 days while I am in Alaska.

I got some pictures from the airplane. It’s tough to get decent pictures from the airplane but I tried. On my way to Alaska, I put a sweater over my head and the camera to reduce the glare on the window. As I was moving north from Seattle to Anchorage, there were too many clouds to get good picture.

I arrived in Alaska at least 4 hours before I could check into my Air BnB. I stayed at the airport and tried to occupy myself. I had a long lunch and finally grabbed an Uber to arrive a little before checkin time. I was able to get in.

The place is on the water and there is a nearby trail. I had plans to walk along the trail and take astonishing pictures but I’m pooped. I went into town to pick up some items for breakfast and decided to hit the sack early and get a good nights sleep so I can be as refreshed as possible for the next 10 days.

It is highly unlikely that I will have internet access over the next 10 days, so I will draft posts but not upload them until I get internet access.

Mount Rainier
Dogwoods are in bloom by my sons home in Seattle.
An arial view of Whistler in British Columbia
An aerial view of Anchorage taken from the arrival to the airport.
Aerial view along the coast between Seattle and Anchorage. I’m not sure exactly where but it must have been early in the flight because the cloud coverage got worse as we reached Anchorage.

4 Comments on “On My Way to Alaska

  1. rainier —— rainier —- RAIN @ MORE RAIN – IER!!!!!!!!!


    • Yikes, I will fix it on the website. I know that so I don’t know why I misspelled it.


  2. This is so exciting!!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip with pictures! Safe travels.


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