Alaska Day 3 Afternoon – Moose and Eagles

Bald Eagle landing.

We drove about an hour from the lodge to a beach where Bald Eagles congregate. On the way, we saw a moose in a lake. Pretty cool!

Moose in a lake munching on vegetation.

It was a nice experience to see many Bald Eagles in one place. The local commercial fishermen deposit their fish scraps on the shore and the eagles and gulls take advantage of it. We saw about 5 Bald Eagles we thought were sick. A local guide told us that someone from Alaska Fish and Game told him the eagles can eat too much and they basically can’t move. Our tour guide was told the same thing from another source. I guess it’s like some Americans after Thanksgiving dinner that lay on the couch and digest until they have the energy to move on. It was scary to see but nice to know that all should be well.

Goofiest looking Bald Eagle I have seen along with some gulls.
Bald Eagle with fish scrap.
Juvenile Bald Eagle grabbing a piece of fish scrap from a mature Bald Eagle.
Immature Bald Eagle after having successfully grabbed a fish scrap from a mature Bald Eagle.

We saw more moose on the return to the lodge. It was late in the evening and they were out and about. We were fortunate to see several calves. My goodness, baby moose are cute!!

Moose mother and her calf.
Male moose.

2 Comments on “Alaska Day 3 Afternoon – Moose and Eagles

  1. Great photos Linda!!!! Joy and I saw Regis and Dart this morning on our walk and Regis told us you had uploaded some pictures already. I want to visit Alaska after seeing your photos!!!


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