Alaska Day 5 – Bears

Cockkpit of the De Havilland airplane that took us to a lake to watch the bears.

We flew out in float planes to a lake across the Cook Inlet where we got off the plane and got onto a boat. From the boat, we went to a small falls where the salmon must traverse to spawn. The bears, eagles, and gulls hang around the falls in attempt to get a salmon.

Our group flew in two separate planes. The other half of our group is in this plane.
View from the lake.
Our first bear was this little one.
Our second bear hung around for awhile and ate as much as he could.

The flight out gave us an opportunity to see the beautiful Alaskan landscape. When we arrived, we went to the falls and saw a young bear immediately. After the young bear left, we saw another bear. We watched it for awhile. After it left, our guide threw out his line and caught a Sockeye Salmon and prepared it for lunch. How can I eat salmon again outside Alaska? The guide prepared the salmon with lemon, spices, and onions. Yum!!

This gull is poking its bill through the gill of the fish to get something to eat. The gull got the eyes first.
This gull got a Stickleback fish.
The bear sometimes stuck its head in the water.
The gull photo bombed this picture.
The bear coming out of the water looking for another fish.
The Brown Bear swimming in the water.
A Brown Bear with a piece of salmon.
A sockeye salmon we had for lunch. This is the before picture.
A Sockeye Salmon after picture.

On the way back we flew over a glacier.

We flew over this glacier.

3 Comments on “Alaska Day 5 – Bears

  1. Now this is what I’ve been waiting to see. I need to ride in one of these planes. Loved the bears and glacier.


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