Alaska Day 7 – Rest

Day 7 of this trip, some participants left for the airport. Others stayed behind to embark on the 3 day bear trip that starts tomorrow. I’m going on the bear trip, so I hung around the lodge today and did laundry.

My disk that holds all my pictures broke today. Who knows why? I had to purchase another drive. I have most of my pictures on my laptop as a second backup, but it filled up the other day. I don’t have my pictures from yesterday anymore. I’m sad, but I’m putting what I have on my new drive and will adjust accordingly for the rest of the trip.

Our tour guide, Lisa Langell, loaned me a Canon 5D Mark IV to take some pictures today. I’m amazed at the difference in quality between that camera and my Canon 80D. The pictures posted here are from the Canon 5D Mark IV. Some of these photos are cropped significantly but still look good and sharp.

Stellar’s Jay

One Comment on “Alaska Day 7 – Rest

  1. What a wonderful trip you’re having — your photos are amazing! And what a wonderful time of year to be there – long days and short nights.

    I am sorry to hear about your disk failure. That sort of thing is exactly why I am investigating cloud-based backup services for all the Windows computers in my house. I do use Flickr for some photo storage, and my iPad and iPhone are backed up daily to the cloud, but not my Windows machines. We had an EF-1 tornado touch down about 1500 feet from our house back on May 29 (no one was hurt – property damage only), but it really drove home the need for remote backups. If it had been a closer, larger tornado, treasured photos (including a bunch of scanned family photos) and other valuable stuff could have been lost, since our backup media is in our house.

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