Alaska Trip Wrap Up

When my flight from Anchorage arrived in Seattle at 9:25 am, I headed to my son’s house.  I visited with him and we went to lunch.  When I got back, I couldn’t stay awake and nodded off for most of the afternoon.  I woke up in time to have an amazing dinner with my son and his partner at an incredible restaurant we could walk to.  I can see the advantages of living in the city because they have excellent local restaurants, a farmer’s market, a city park, and shopping places all within a few blocks of their house.  No need for a car! 

I took lots of video of the bears on the Alaskan trip and put together the following video of my favorite clips.  

Brown Bear video including cubs, mating, eating, and bathing.

The trip to Alaska was incredible and I highly recommend this particular trip to those who want to have a magical experience of the place.  Visit Lisa Langell’s website to sign up for next year’s Magic of Alaska tour and the Bear Extravaganza.  No photography skills or fancy gear required to have one of the most amazing experiences of your life.  

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