Gifts of the Day – St. Augustine

Everyday, I search for the gifts of the day. You never know what beautiful things life will reveal until you look for it.

Regis and I went kayaking today. We were able to kayak on the intracoastal waterway (ICW) in front of our house which is across the marsh from the ICW. I think it might be a quarter of a mile from our house across the marsh to the ICW.

It was a hot and still day. There was sometimes just a bit of a breeze which was welcome by both of us.

We saw a pelican successfully fishing and one standing on are marker.

We stopped to check out an oyster bar and a few Oystercatchers flew by. We don’t get to see them often. It’s hard to see them unless you are on the water. What a treat! And, I got them in focus!!

As we were leaving the kayak launch site, we saw some trash on the ground that made it clear that people shoot fireworks from this location. As we drove down the road we found ourselves cut off by Sheriff’s tape in two locations (which wasn’t there on the way in). We think it was put there to discourage folks from shooting off fireworks at the launch site but it made it interesting to get back home!

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