Fisheating Creek

We recently went to southwest Florida to see the Swallow-tailed Kite migration to South America. We understood that the Kites are in the Fisheating Creek area around July 23 and 24. We had no idea where to look.

We arrived on the 22nd and set up camp just before the regular afternoon rains came through. We were the only other camper outside two extended stay guests. They likely work in the campground.

We weren’t sure where to look for the kites and realized very quickly we should have brought our kayaks. We rented kayaks on Tuesday morning in hopes of viewing the scenery and seeing a Kite.

We didn’t see any Kites but found the scenery was the most beautiful we have seen in Florida. There are numerous Cypress trees along the creek which are incredibly beautiful. We found one alligator along the way. Following is a video of parts of our excursion. I was hand holding the camera to video, so it’s a little shaky. I apologize.

We didn’t see any Swallow-tailed Kites on our trip, but it turns out we weren’t looking in the right place.

2 Comments on “Fisheating Creek

  1. You were in a kayak, that  alligator could of tipped it over and had a nice meal.


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