Month: August 2019

Gamble Rogers State Park

We just spent two days at Gamble Rogers State Park. We had a campsite on the beach and we could launch our kayaks across the road on the intracoastal waterway. It was lovely. Regis found a vacant spot for two nights at this campground… Continue Reading “Gamble Rogers State Park”

Cattle Egrets

Another photographer and I went to a local stormwater management facility at sunrise to see what photographic opportunities presented themselves. We arrived to see over 1000 cattle egrets roosting and preparing for a day of foraging – probably in the local agricultural fields. Large… Continue Reading “Cattle Egrets”

Butterfly and Bumblebees

I enjoy watching the bumblebees and butterflies visit the purple Salvia’s in my backyard. Although I have other flowers, the Salvias are clearly a hit. Yesterday I spent some time trying to photograph as the clouds rolled in but before the rains came. It… Continue Reading “Butterfly and Bumblebees”