Month: September 2019

Sups and Pups

The Guy Harvey Resort in St. Augustine, Florida sponsored a Sups and Pups event today which was a dog surfing contest to benefit K9s for Warriors. Dart would never do this. My favorite was this young man bonding with his dog while waiting their… Continue Reading “Sups and Pups”

Momma Squirrel

Yesterday, Regis noticed a squirrel frantically making a nest during the day. Later in the afternoon, he saw a squirrel running across the back of the yard with what looked like a boa around its neck. He realized it was a squirrel carrying a… Continue Reading “Momma Squirrel”

More Salt Marsh and a Plea

My plea is to ask people to use balloons and fishing gear responsibly. Regis, Sooz, and I tried to help a bird that was entangled in fishing line. St. Johns Audubon Society was notified about the bird via Facebook. We were unable to find… Continue Reading “More Salt Marsh and a Plea”

Palencia Salt Marsh

Before Dorian made a swing by off the coast of Florida, Regis and I went to the boardwalk over the Palencia salt marsh to check it out. In our last post, we posted some pictures of the clapper rails from that trip. Today I… Continue Reading “Palencia Salt Marsh”

Clapper Rails

We are experiencing exceptionally high tides lately. This is a result of the placement of the moon, sun, and earth in a way that creates the greatest tidal effects of the year. At the height of the tides, some people have been traveling over… Continue Reading “Clapper Rails”


I apologize. I have been reformatting some old blog posts due to some WordPress upgrades and managed to inadvertently republish an old post yesterday. I was keeping myself busy so I wouldn’t be thinking about Hurricane Dorian heading up the east coast of Florida… Continue Reading “Apology”