More Salt Marsh and a Plea

Palencia salt marsh located on the intracoastal waterway in Florida.

My plea is to ask people to use balloons and fishing gear responsibly. Regis, Sooz, and I tried to help a bird that was entangled in fishing line. St. Johns Audubon Society was notified about the bird via Facebook. We were unable to find that bird but I found a bird entangled in the remains of a balloon. We could not help this bird since it is still able to fly. We will keep an eye out for it this week. If it can’t eat, its health will deteriorate and we may be able to save it.

Royal Tern entangled with the line that was attached to a balloon. You can see the remains of the balloon below the bird.

On a lighter note, the salt marsh is looking particularly beautiful lately. I spent a lot of time in front of the computer this week wrapping up our second book, so I was desperate to get out with the camera. I went to the Palencia salt marsh this morning to take sunrise pictures. The sky wasn’t as beautiful as it can be, but the marsh grasses were beautiful. Florida may not get the stunning fall colors you see in other places in the country, but it is beautiful nonetheless!

Boardwalk on the Palencia salt marsh
Looking south over the Palencia salt marsh.
Palencia salt marsh.
Palencia salt marsh.
Boardwalk over the Palencia salt marsh.
Palencia salt marsh.
Palencia salt marsh.
Palencia salt marsh.
Great egret taking off at the GTM Reserve. Regis and I went there to look for a bird entangled in fishing line and I saw this beautiful egret.
I was taking pictures of bumblebees again and Dart decide to enter the patch of flowers. Was he smelling the Salvia?

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