Momma Squirrel

Squirrel carrying her baby up a tree to her newly made nest.

Yesterday, Regis noticed a squirrel frantically making a nest during the day. Later in the afternoon, he saw a squirrel running across the back of the yard with what looked like a boa around its neck. He realized it was a squirrel carrying a baby squirrel in its mouth. He watched the squirrel deposit her baby in the new nest and then return in the direction she came. Regis figured she was getting another baby so he got the camera ready and was able to capture a picture of the mother squirrel climbing the tree with the baby to the new nest.

This morning, she was back at it and took at least two more babies into the nest. It was my turn to get the photograph.

Squirrel carrying another baby to the nest.
After the mother got the one baby to the nest, she stopped to watch me take her picture while her little ones climbed all over her. Very cute!

What a gift!

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