Splish Splash, Taking a Bath

Male eastern bluebird (Sialis sialis) taking a bath.

I’ve been healing nicely after my surgery to have cancer removed from my face. I stayed home most of the first week and tried to organize my photos. I made great progress. We had a particularly nice sunrise at the beginning of this week, so I put on my long sleeve shirt, long pants, and snake boots and walked out to the marsh to get a picture. Regis made a nice path for me to do this, so it wasn’t too bad. The mosquitos managed to get through my shirt and suck a couple pints of blood out of me while I watched the sunrise. At one point, I heard a rustle behind me and turned to see a possum. The possum didn’t seem disturbed that I was there and just kept about its business.

Sunrise over the marsh in St. Augustine, Florida.

Regis noticed a lot of activity at the bird bath later in the day. He counted at least 8 bluebirds coming and going and got several pictures.

Female eastern bluebird (Sialis sialis).
Male and female eastern bluebird taking baths.
Male eastern bluebird drinking.

Shortly afterwards, he saw a bald eagle flying over the house and got this picture after it landed in a tree down the street.

American bald eagle near our house in St. Augustine, Florida.

Hanging around the house all week was productive but I got antsy. We decided to go camping in Stark, Florida which is about 25 miles north of Gainesville. That will be covered in the next two posts.

Female eastern bluebird bathing.

3 Comments on “Splish Splash, Taking a Bath

  1. I love bluebirds!! We have been seeing quite a few as well. Thank you for this lovely gift.


  2. My mom used to keep a bluebird house in her back yard
    till she got tired of chasing the other birds away so they wouldn’t steal the house. Still her favorite bird!


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