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Route for our 2016 trip

When we started our cross country traveling in 2015, Regis researched planning software options and selected RV Trip wizard. The company continues to upgrade the software and we continue to use it. Try the FREE demo. In this post, I am going to explain some of the features that we like about the software.

In the trip settings, you can enter information about your camping set up such as the height of your rig, whether you are carrying propane, and how many miles you can go on a gallon of fuel. This aids the software in ensuring it doesn’t route you to an underpass that will remove the top of your rig or send you to a tunnel that doesn’t allow propane. By entering some of the other information, it aids the software in estimating the cost of your trip.

Another nice feature is to have the software put a driving radius on the map. I use this feature extensively to limit our driving to between 250-300 miles. We may do more than that if we are driving exclusively on the interstate, but we usually prefer to not spend all day on the road.

I have the driving radius set for 200, 250, and 300 miles. In this image, St. Augustine, Florida is the central point.

The small icons represent campgrounds. Clicking on them will give you information about the campground with a couple screen shot examples below. If you decide to stay there you let the software know where on the route to place the stop and how many days you are staying. The website link takes you to the web page for the campground where you may find additional information and can perhaps make a reservation.

There are a variety of options available to print your trip, send it to an excel spreadsheet, and more. We usually print a copy to keep with us in case we don’t have internet access.

A drop down menu with some of the options available

You can save multiple trips. On our long trips, I may create multiple alternative routes. You can also enter comments and reservation numbers into your trip so everything is in one place.

If you know of a campground that is not in their software, let them know. They will verify it and add it.

When making plans, I usually pick the key locations we want to visit and let the software plot the shortest route between those points. Then, I select campgrounds along the way. I find the software to be user-friendly.

This planning software has made our trip planning much easier. For us, it is well worth the $39 per year.

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