Mail Forwarding on the Road

Screen capture of our St. Brendan’s Isle account. Since we are not currently on the road, the account is inactive.

While traveling for extended periods of time, you may need an option for forwarding your mail. There are several companies that provide mail forwarding services and they are usually located in states with no state income tax. Folks who are on the road full-time can use these services to set up a permanent address.

Regis did extensive research on the mail forwarding services available when we started our summer long adventures in 2015 and decided upon St. Brendan’s Isle which is located in Green Cove Springs, Florida. We have been happy with their offerings and customer service and continue to use them. When we are not on the road, we make our account inactive.

When we are on the road, we activate our account with St. Brendan’s Isle and have the US Postal Service forward our mail to them. The USPS does not forward “junk” mail which significantly reduces how much mail we get. We receive most of our bills and statements electronically, which also reduces the amount of mail we receive. We use the virtual mail forwarding service. St. Brendan’s Isle scans the outside of the envelope and notifies us via email that the image is available. I can usually tell from the envelope whether I need to see the contents. I can choose to have the item shredded or have them scan the contents for my review. I can then have them shred it or hold it for later forwarding to a real address ( a campground we will be spending 4-5 days).

This page on the St. Brendan’s Isle website does a good job of explaining the process.

Should you decide to use their service, please let them know Linda and Regis Burek referred you!

Sunrise over the salt marsh. I had to get a photograph in this blog post.

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