Willet Altercation

I was recently conducting a whale survey here in northeast Florida. We are most interested in looking for Right Whales. The mothers come to the area to calf and I am on the Monday team to look for them in Sector 1 (from the St. Augustine Beach Pier to just north of Marineland).

Last Monday, we didn’t see any Right Whales but I keep my camera with me just in case. We had the opportunity to witness two Willets in an altercation. It appeared that they were fighting, but I can’t be sure exactly what was going on between the two. Following are a few shots of the sequence.

One willet has another willet firmly by the leg.
The willet is not letting go.
They both have their beaks locked on to each other.
One willet is completely submerged under the wave.
After this shot, they both flew off.
I also got to see this Bonaparte’s gull. I don’t see them very often.

Snake update: Sadly, the snake mentioned in the previous post died of its injuries. I took it to the vet, but they could not save it. I am not surprised. Once I took a closer look at the snakes underside, I could see its injuries were more extensive than I realized. I am grateful to St. Johns Veterinary Hospital for trying to save the snake and the GTM NERR for setting up a tank for it to recuperate from its injuries if it survived.

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