Five Bluebird Eggs

Female eastern bluebird in a next box Regis and I made. It was originally made for wrens but we enlarged the hole. The pair has recently laid 5 eggs!

We have some bluebirds actively nesting in our yard and Regis was able to determine they have laid 5 eggs in the next box we have out. We have two nest boxes in the backyard. We did not expect bluebirds to nest in both boxes at the same time. We hoped another bird would select the other box or the bluebirds would chose to raise their next brood in the other box.

I’m surprised at the box the bluebirds selected. Last year, we purchased an expensive box with nice features to allow us to keep an eye on the process. This past year, Regis and I built some boxes from some online specifications. I was hoping to sell them and had one left. It was built for a wren, but we widened the hole for bluebirds and put it out to see what would happen.

The birds chose the new box painted in a coral color. It’s interesting to me they selected the box we made but we also drilled more holes in it to release the heat. I’m not sure why they picked our box, but they did.

There have also been a pair of Carolina Wrens gathering nesting material for a nest. It’s lovely to hear them singing out back. They make an outsized sound for their small size.

Carolina wren

My last day of the season’s whale survey is on Monday. With my next volunteer activity, I volunteered to count birds at the Alligator Farm during nesting season and the Roseate Spoonbills are off to a nice start. I look forward to seeing the season unfold.

Roseate spoonbill at the Alligator Farm.

I will be giving a talk on photographing birds at the St. Johns County Audubon Society annual meeting at the Alligator Farm this Saturday if any locals are interested. You can get a half price ticket to the Alligator Farm as part of the meeting. Go the St. Johns County Audubon Society website for details.

Although we have a lot of local projects and volunteering to do over the next few months, we are also preparing for our summer trip in the motorhome. We’ll be traveling to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and returning through Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico before heading home.

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