Bluebird Update

Mama bluebird with food in her beak tipped me off that the eggs have started to hatch.

Today I was sitting at my computer and watching our bluebird box out of the corner of my eye. I noticed mama bluebird with some insects. That would suggest that hatching has begun. Regis went out with a camera to look in the nest and was able to verify at least two, possibly three eggs hatched.

I proceeded to take some video and the following is what I got for today. Mama bluebird is actively feeding the hatched chicks. Papa bluebird is still trying to wrap his mind around what’s happening. He keeps looking in the box but I have not seen him bring back any food at this point. He has been very vigilant the last few weeks, so I’m sure he will get with it and start helping mama bluebird out very soon. I think he is a proud papa but hasn’t kicked into gear to help mama feed the chicks.

The video is six minutes long and may be boring to many folks. But, many of you may be self quarantining right now and may enjoy spending a few minutes seeing what’s going on with wildlife in our backyard.

One Comment on “Bluebird Update

  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the video all the way through. I at one time trained the blues to come to my mealworm feeder. They come everyday now, all year long.

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