I put some more mealworms out today. Daddy bluebird showed up and started eating them. He did not take any to the nestlings in the nest box.

While hoping to video the bluebirds at the mealworm feeder, I got a mockingbird instead. When replaying the video, I noticed that the end of the mockingbird’s beak is crossed. It didn’t seem to affect its ability to eat mealworms. The mockingbird has been chasing the bluebirds occasionally but isn’t impacting mama bluebird’s ability to feed her young.

Daddy bluebird spent some time sitting on top of the nest box and displaying for the female. A couple times he poked his head into the entrance hole to the box and got the little birds peeping up a storm and then left. I felt sorry for the little ones when he did that. Mama bluebird ignored the displaying and kept feeding her chicks.

Today is the first day of spring. About 30 years ago, I heard a newscast that said you could balance an egg on its end on the first day of spring because the earth is in balance. I tried it and have been doing it ever since. I found you can balance an egg on end any time of the year, but I get motivated on the first day of spring.

Below is the result of my first attempt.

Broken egg.

Final result!

Balanced egg – success!

You can also balance on the small end with enough patience. I did not have sufficient patience today to get it done.

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