Bluebird Fledges

Female eastern bluebird at mealworm feeder.

Last evening, I placed some mealworms out for the bluebirds and the female bluebird made many trips from the feeder to the nest box to feed those screaming babies. One time, I saw the male bluebird get one mealworm and give it to the female who took it to the nest box.

This morning, I was able to capture video of one of the babies fledging. It was clear that all birds fledged between yesterday evening and this morning. I have seen dad come back to the nest box several times, but only saw mom once at the mealworm feeder. I hope the little ones come back and visit.

I almost stopped feeding mealworms because we had the resident mockingbird with the twisted bill who kept harassing the female bluebird every time I put mealworms out. When I put the worms out, the female bluebird usually found them first and she would fill up and take a bunch to the babies. Then, the mockingbird would swoop in. I let it eat and then removed the mealworm feeder because I knew the harassment would begin.

The other day, Regis found that mockingbird dead in our driveway. We don’t know what happened to it but we suspect it may have gotten into a deadly fight with another bird. I hated to see that happen to the mockingbird even though it was a bit of a pain. Once our twisted bill mockingbird died, there was no drama feeding the mealworms.

I have seen pine warblers, cardinals, and Carolina wrens also eating the mealworms.

Male eastern bluebird at mealworm feeder.

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