Month: April 2020

Baby Bird Update

I released the little chickadee this morning. The little bird was flying all over the cage. I’m worried it won’t know how to eat on its own but I can’t show it that part. Baby birds are better off raised by their parents, but… Continue Reading “Baby Bird Update”

Raising Baby Birds

I occasionally volunteer with a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation (The Ark). I recently learned how to care for baby birds and brought three of them home on Friday to raise until they can be released. I have a chickadee a week away from… Continue Reading “Raising Baby Birds”

Cedar Waxwings and Other Gifts of the Day

Regis and I like to explore the wildlife happenings along our 3/4 mile street. You never know what you are going to find. Regis focused on alligators today. I was fortunate enough to see about 100 cedar waxwings perched in a tree. They are… Continue Reading “Cedar Waxwings and Other Gifts of the Day”

Revised Book

We took the time recently to revise our first book. It now has over 100 photographs, a map of the trip, and significantly streamlined text. It is available on amazon as an electronic book ($4.99 or free on kindle unlimited) or color paperback ($25).… Continue Reading “Revised Book”

A Few Stay at Home Pictures