Cedar Waxwings and Other Gifts of the Day

Cedar waxwings

Regis and I like to explore the wildlife happenings along our 3/4 mile street. You never know what you are going to find. Regis focused on alligators today. I was fortunate enough to see about 100 cedar waxwings perched in a tree. They are usually skittish and I can never get very close, but I moved carefully today and was able to get some nice photos.

Anole watching me.
Northern mockingbirds. There are a lot of them in the neighborhood. It seems if they are not singing, they are attacking something. They are the Florida state bird.
Alligator sunning on the bank.
Alligator watching Regis.
These adorable little squirrels are particularly abundant lately.
Cedar waxwings.

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