Raising Baby Birds

I occasionally volunteer with a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation (The Ark). I recently learned how to care for baby birds and brought three of them home on Friday to raise until they can be released. I have a chickadee a week away from release, a young mockingbird, and another bird that is so young and small we don’t know what it is. They must be fed every 90 minutes. Being home now, I didn’t think that would be an issue. I have discovered how quickly 90 minutes goes by. I’ve had to run out and get a couple items and most places I go are a 30 minute drive out and then 30 minutes back. So, I have to time it so I do it right after a feeding so I am back in time for the next feeding.

I’ve only had these little rascals for a day and a half and I am amused at how they have changed our life. They start yelling within 15 minutes of feeding time. If we move around them any time after a half hour from the last feeding, they start screaming for food. When I feed them and they are full, they poop, and promptly go to sleep.

The little mockingbird is a character. It is hungry and assertive. It keeps company in a homemade nest with the smallest bird and they keep each other warm. I would have thought it would not be a good idea to put a bigger, more aggressive bird with a little one, but it is working out nicely. Perhaps it is because everyone is amply fed.

Following is a video from the first day. They are already growing fast, so we will post some more videos showing the craziness of feeding.

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