Baby Bird Update

Newly released chickadee in my crepe myrtle. The poor little bird is a bit of a mess on its neck from feeding. The little bird had a very small mouth, so I didn’t do a good job keeping things neat and tidy while feeding it.

I released the little chickadee this morning. The little bird was flying all over the cage. I’m worried it won’t know how to eat on its own but I can’t show it that part. Baby birds are better off raised by their parents, but we humans do what we can to give them a start and hope they make it. This little bird made it this far. We are in a good location for it.

The other two birds are currently thriving. I’m looking forward to the smallest bird growing up enough to identify it. See the video below. It has very long legs and is puts its entire body into the effort of yelling.

I pick up more birds tomorrow.

One Comment on “Baby Bird Update

  1. That is the cutest picture of the chickadee!! We have 5 baby blue birds and 6 chickadee eggs in our nest boxes!!

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