Alligator with a dragonfly on its head.

Regis has been stalking the alligators taking pictures and captured this picture of a dragonfly hitching a ride on an alligator.

In the meantime, I have picked up more baby birds to raise. I had to return one of the blue jays because it clearly had a health issue that I was not qualified to handle. It is being evaluated by a vet. Many baby birds that arrive at rescue facilities have issues that may not be possible to resolve.

When I returned the one blue jay, I came back with another two more blue jays and two more mockingbirds. Hmmmm. Am I crazy or what?

My little cardinal appeared nearly ready to release. But, it wasn’t eating well on its own. I was reluctant to let it go until I knew it was eating well. I put it out on the lanai this afternoon for a soft release. I wanted it to get used to being outside. I let Dart out back and left the door open for him to return while I went in the house to do something. The little cardinal was cheeping constantly. When I came back, an adult cardinal was in the lanai. My neighbor told me that they had cardinals nesting out back, so I wondered if the cheeping caused one of the parents to come feed the chick. Instead of waiting, I released the little cardinal hoping that the adults would take over from here. I may never be sure whether it worked, but I know that Regis and I heard two birds cheeping behind our house and saw the male parent going to our feeder and then into the brush. I saw the female cardinal going back and forth, but she was not getting her food from the feeder. I’m hopeful this little bird was able to fit in with the family.

Once I started feeding baby birds, I have had no other life. Everything is wrapped around feeding and cleaning and feeding and cleaning and worrying whether you are getting it right.

I highly recommend that when people find baby birds, they leave them for there parents to care for. Their parents know best. I know my sponsor at the rescue facility was taking care of 18 baby birds about a week ago. I could not handle that many birds. Right now I have 7, which is over my limit, but I hope to release the older blue jay very soon. I think the red-winged black bird will not be far behind.

Three mockingbirds and one blue jay being reabbed at our home. A LOT of work!
Dart is checking out the little blue jay being returned for a vet look up. And. the other blue jay, cardinal, blackbird, and mockingbird before I picked up two more mockingbirds and a blue jay today.

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  1. You are to be commended for your helping the feathered youngsters. And the image of the reptile and the insect is unique, to say the least. Bravo!

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