Baby Birds 0508

Baby blue jay recently released.

I released the oldest mockingbird yesterday. The bird is very shy and wary. That is probably a good thing. After releasing her, we saw her a few times. When I fed the remaining birds on the lanai, they make a tweeting racket and we could hear the mockingbird outside the lanai. When we opened the door, she would fly away. She has been hanging out in the bushes and I placed a bowl of water on the ground for her with some raisins in it. She loves raisins. We saw her again this morning, so she made it through the night.

I dropped the grackle off at the Ark for release. They have not been able to release it yet and told me today it has been washing blueberries like a raccoon and washing mealworms. I wish I had seen that behavior. This little grackle is easy to love.

I released the blue jay at the feeder but it immediately went to the roof of the house. Later, I went out back and saw it on the fence. I walked up to it and it jumped onto my finger. I gave it a tour of the yard pointing out the varieties of food available at the feeder and the birdbath. It ate a dried mealworm at the feeder and took some long drinks at the bird bath and then took a short bath. I left it there which is the same area the mockingbird has been hanging out. The blue jay allowed me to feed it a couple times during the day but the mockingbird wouldn’t let me come near her.

In the afternoon, I was able to introduce the blue jay to the neighbor. He allowed me to bring him over to her to see and then I took him to the feeder and fed him a mealworm. When I went out back after dinner, the neighbor called to me to say she thought my bird was on the roof of her lanai and it was calling. I went over to verify that it was in fact, “Blue”.

This morning I took Dart out front for a short walk and heard a bird calling from the top of the pine tree across the street. It sort of sounded like a blue jay, but not exactly. I got Regis to come out with the binoculars and we were able to confirm it was a blue jay in the top of the pine tree. At that point, it swooped down and did a fly by over our heads. It was “Blue”. I haven’t seen it since but I was glad to see it made it through the night.

The remaining three birds get the run of our lanai. They can see into the house through the sliding glass doors and whenever they are hungry, they make a racket screaming at us and sometimes flying into the doors. You would think they were starving to death. We have to avoid that room within 45 minutes of feeding time if we don’t want to deal with the drama.

Baby birds ready to be fed.
Baby blue jay recently released.

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