Baby Birds 0509

We did not see the recently released blue jay or mockingbird today. I’m bummed to not see them but it doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their thing somewhere.

I spent a little time reading on the lanai with the remaining birds and they came to me whenever hungry. The oldest mockingbird landed on my arm and I placed a variety of food on my arm. It pecked at it and flipped it around but never swallowed anything. It left me a couple presents. I later found it eating seed on the floor. It prefers that I feed it but will eat by itself.

The other blue jay and mockingbird camped out at my feet waiting for handouts. When I wasn’t dishing them out, they fell asleep at my feet. It was an amazing experience.

We have an adult mockingbird in the back singing almost all day long. Both of my mockingbirds started making interesting sounds today. They weren’t the regular cheeps but it was like they were getting started on their mockingbird sounds. It moved me to hear them do that.

When I feed the birds and speak nicely to them, Dart shows up. He seems a little concerned when I coo to something else. He is a good sport but I make sure to remind him that he is and will always be my favorite. He does very well with the birds. They are used to him and I hope that isn’t a detriment to their future.

Later in the day, instead of reading while not feeding birds, I worked on my photoshop skills and came up with the picture above.

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