Baby Birds 0511

Came out to the lanai to feed my remaining two birds and found three.

What a day. I released the oldest mockingbird, Mach 1, this morning. Every time I went outside, it either came to me or let me come to it to hand over a bowl of mealworms. Early in the morning, Mach 1 was scavenging below the bird feeder when a raccoon showed up. Mach 1 did not appear to notice the raccoon eyeing it, but Dart noticed the raccoon and chased it away and saved Mach 1’s little life.

The Ark released three bluebirds today from my yard. The following video shows two of them being released.

Two of the bluebirds being released by the Ark.

The Ark left me with two mockingbirds ready for release but they were a little concerned about whether they were adequately eating on their own. After Mary left, I fed the mockingbirds dried and live mealworms and they ate them. So, I gave them an opportunity to leave and join Mach 1. They took advantage of the opportunity. As soon as the oldest mockingbird left, the adult mockingbird in the yard chased it. That mockingbird never bothered Mach 1. Was it an age issue? a gender issue? a territorial issue? Mach 1 has been on the lanai cheeping for a couple weeks while the adult mockingbird sang out back. Didi it recognize Mach 1?

I left the cage in the yard in case any of the released birds wanted a safe place. Then, I would release them elsewhere. I figured if any released mockingbird was uncomfortable they might return to the cage. After dinner, I found Mach 1 in the cage. Little rascal. I gave it access to food outside the cage but left the door to the lanai open so Dart could go in and out. I figured my remaining two birds wouldn’t leave and if they did, they must be ready.

I came back on the lanai this evening and there were three birds. Mach 1 returned. It then left but came back again. This is quite the soft release. If Mach 1 wants to remain with us for the night, it is welcome to do so. I’m sure it will eventually want to do what mockingbirds do.

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