Baby Birds 0513

Mach 1 and Mach 2, my two rescue birds.

Yesterday, I had to leave the house while it was still dark, so I left the birds in Regis’ care. I was scheduled to count roseate spoonbills at the Alligator Farm. When I went to my car, I found a baby mockingbird stuck between the blinds and the window in the garage. It was the young mockingbird that was released yesterday and then chased by the resident adult mockingbird. Excellent. I was able to capture the bird to release in another location. I put it in a cage on the lanai and left to count spoonies.

When I returned home, Regis said he tried to release Mach 1 but it wouldn’t go. I took Mach 1 out to the feeders and made it go and then took the recaptured mockingbird to a friends house to release. I think that will be a good location for the little bird. My friend has some preserve behind her house and it immediately flew into it. I left her with mealworms and other food to leave out for it.

In the afternoon, one of the neighbors a house away came to talk to Regis and me about a strange acting bird in her yard. She said she had a small gray bird hanging around and opening its mouth to them. She wanted to know whether something was wrong with it. I was greatly relieved to know that the second mockingbird released by the Ark was in good hands at the neighbors house. I gave her mealworms, raisins, and other food to leave out for the bird. They were smitten with the little bird and it entertained them all afternoon and evening.

Back at my house, Mach 1 continued to hang around and beg me for food every time I came in the backyard. I would hold a bowl of mealworms in my hand and make it come eat them by itself. I continued to leave the lanai door open for Dart and came back to find Mach 1 visiting Mach 2. See picture at the top of this post.

Mach 1 left the lanai on its own. I saw it going to the feeder and it chased a dove in the yard. Its starting to act like a typical mockingbird. When I’m not around, I can see it exploring the backyard and getting bolder and braver over time. But, when it sees me, it acts like a baby that can’t feed itself.

I left Dart to bird sit in the backyard all afternoon and keep any predators away. He did a fine job and eventually came in as the evening progressed and it got dark outside. I still left the lanai door open wondering what Mach 1 was going to do and whether I should shut the door. Mach 1 and Blue Too (the blue jay) seemed to be settled for the night. Suddenly, Mach 2 went to the screen and started chipping. Mach 1 started chipping back. Then, Mach 1 came and started flying back and forth along the screen of the lanai until it managed to find the door and enter the lanai. Mach 1 and Mach 2 went to a perch, snuggled together, and fell asleep. What do we make of that?

Mach 2 still has baby feathers, so it can’t fly well enough to release. It eats very well. I have no concerns about this one when it gets released. It is too soon. I’m wondering if I will have to let Mach 1 continue to visit until Mach 2 joins it in the outside world.

Blue Too is getting better at eating by himself. I leave raisins in a bowl of water to plump up and feed them to the birds. Mach 2 likes to drink the water out of the bowl. This morning I saw Blue Too eating the raisins out of the bowl. I got a little video of it deciding to take a bath in the tiny bowl of water.

Blue Too, our rescue blue jay, taking a bath in a bowl of raisins being plumped up with water.

Today I left the lanai door open most of the day and Mach 1 comes and goes as it pleases. It usually eats mealworms from the bowl I leave out for the other birds and then sits with Mach 2 for awhile until it decides to go back outside.

When Mach 1 isn’t visiting, Blue Too will sit with Mach 2. Today, I saw it pulling at Mach 2’s feathers. I have noticed two feathers askew on Mach 2 over the last week and was wondering what was up with that. I now know. I think I would keep the blue jays separate from other birds if I ever agree to do this again in the future. I love this blue jay but would prefer it not wreck Mach 2’s feathers.

I sat out back briefly to check out what’s coming to the feeders and saw a pine warbler with a bum leg. It couldn’t use the leg but it appeared to be managing at the feeder.

Pine warbler with a bad leg.

I have peanuts out but the birds are going to the Bark Butter Bugs and Bits rather than the peanuts. Regis and I used to own a Wild Birds Unlimited in Maryland and we think Bark Butter is pretty cool stuff because the birds do too.

Carolina wren with a Bark Butter bit.
Carolina chickadee with a Bark Butter bit.

Since I am raising these birds under the license of the Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, I wanted to share a cool video put together by one of their volunteers about one of their rescue pelicans, Stitch. It’s worth a watch.

St. Johns Veterinary Hospital in St. Augustine takes in injured wildlife, even snakes, any time of the day. They do what can be done for the animal and then release it to the appropriate wildlife rehab facility. The Ark pays the vet (reduced fees). I’m mentioning this because any of you who want to know how this works and wants to help might be interested to know that the money you donate to the Ark goes exclusively for the animals and their care.

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