Baby Birds 0515

Mach 1 (the mockingbird released a few days ago) wanted to spend the night on the lanai two days ago and I let it. The next day it left on its own but continued to hang around. I thought it might be best to remove the other birds from the lanai and see if it would begin to venture out on its own. To do that, I had to put the other birds in cages and move them to the front of the house. Mach 1 stopped hanging around the back of the lanai and started exploring the yard.

The other day, when Blue Too (now Topaz) was taking a bath, I noticed missing wing feathers. We took pictures and sent them to the Ark and they told us it could not be released until they grew back and that would take a while. So, I splurged and got it a nice cockatiel cage. It’s very hard to buy things immediately right now, so I am grateful that one of the Petco’s in the area had one reasonably priced large cage I was able to purchase immediately.

Topaz has missing feathers in its wing. It was likely this way when it arrived at the Ark but we didn’t notice until recently. It is not surprising because many birds that arrive in rehab have been captured by cats or other animals.

Later in the day, Mach 2 starting beating itself against the bars of its cage and broke some feathers. I couldn’t let it keep doing that so I eventually succumbed and let it go back to the lanai. It settled happily. Toward evening, Mach 1 returned to the back of the lanai and started cheeping and Mach 2 cheeped back. Mach 1 started flying back and forth by the screen and Mach 2 ran all over the lanai. I was mean and did not let Mach 1 come back in the lanai and they cheeped until dark.

I hardly slept. It broke my heart. I contacted the Ark the next morning and suggested releasing Mach 2. I was pretty sure I could recapture it if it didn’t turn out to be a good idea. After much back and forth and discussion, we agreed to do it. Following is a video of the reuniting of the two birds. In the beginning, Mach 1 is in the crepe myrtle and Mach 2 is under the bird bath.

Mach 1 and Mach 2 reuniting after being separated for almost 24 hours.

I monitored throughout the day and the birds rarely separated. Whenever I came out, Mach 1 was quick to show up begging for food. I gave them a bowl of mealworms periodically and made them eat by themselves. In addition, I left the screen door open for Dart. I usually do that so he can go in and out. I also like that he keeps predators from the yard and doesn’t bother the birds and they don’t mind him.

In the afternoon, I found Mach 1 and Mach 2 taking naps on the lanai. I put water and food out for them. Regis told me Mach 2 took a bath and then they both left. It is around 6 as I am writing this and they are still out and about. I suspect they will return to the lanai for the night and that’s ok with me. Mach 2 is still young and I would like to make sure it transitions nicely. I couldn’t possibly separate these two, so Mach 1 can stay too.

I noticed another mockingbird hanging around the yard with interest in Mach 1. It seems as large as an adult but I don’t believe it is an adult. I released another mockingbird that was older almost a week before releasing Mach 1. I wonder if it could be that bird. It lived with Mach 1 and Mach 2 for a while, so who knows?

Other mockingbird hanging around with an interest in Mach 1.

There are numerous baby birds visiting the feeders and bird bath with their parents. The chickadee family is particularly cute.

Baby chickadee.

I changed Blue Too’s name to Topaz. I do not know whether it is a male or female and it will need to stay for a while, so I needed a more thoughtful name that was not gender specific. The bird reminds me of a gem, so I named it Topaz.

We are planning to leave on our cross country trip at the end of the month. We haven’t mentioned it because we have been unsure as to whether we can go. I have been monitoring campgrounds to see their availability. Many open campgrounds are set up to eliminate human contact. We are self contained, so we could make it all the way to Washington State with only needing gas stations, groceries, and campgrounds. Any change between now and the end of the month could cause us to call it off, but we are now getting ready to go. Which means that Topaz needs a place to stay after we leave. One of my wonderful friends, who also volunteers at the Ark, will take Topaz for me. If Topaz is releasable while I am gone, it will be released. If not, I will take the bird back when I return. After I released the mockingbird and Topaz was alone in its cage in the front room, it was very quiet and stopped eating by itself. I was concerned it needed company, so I brought it out to be where all the activity is. It perked up immediately and has been practicing eating peanuts (and mostly dropping them) and exploring its cage. Before I brought it to the center of things, it just sat quietly on its perch.

Topaz’s new home.
Mach 1 eating mealworms.
Mach 2 eating mealworms.
Mach 1 likes to look tough (when I am not around so it can beg for food) so requested this be its official portrait.

One Comment on “Baby Birds 0515

  1. I love following along the antics of the baby birds. Thanks for sharing. Lovely. I think I would be tempted to keep one or two babies as pets, especially the blue jay. 🙂


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