Baby Birds 0517

The wings are growing out quickly on Topaz our rescue blue jay.

Mach 1 and Mach 2 have regularly been showing up in the back of the lanai and I have been providing mealworms to them. They showed up in the evening to spend the night on the lanai and I let them do that. I want to give them every opportunity to succeed and I know bird parents can hang around for a long time occasionally feeding their young. This is the best I can do.

Today we looked closely at the blue jays feathers that were missing. We are reluctant to “manhandle” the bird to do so, but think it is a good idea occasionally to see the progress. Topaz’s wing feathers are growing back much faster than I had anticipated. The bird is doing well eating on its own although I feed it occasionally. I let it out on the lanai today so it could stretch its wings and take a bath if it wanted. No good deed will go unpunished. It stayed on the fan the entire time, which means lots of poop to clean up later.

Topaz hanging out on the fan.

In the meantime, I go out back and bring mealworms to Mach 1 and Mach 2 because they have been hanging around. This is my last picture of the two of them. I took the below picture around 3:15 in the afternoon yesterday. Later, we ate dinner and I cleaned up and went back out to feed them and Mach 2 wasn’t there. Mach 2 has yet to show up, although Mach 1 is hanging around. I have searched our yard and the neighbors and can’t figure out what happened. I am heart broken. I could barely sleep thinking that after all this I couldn’t save Mach 2. I let Mach 1 sleep on the lanai last night and will do so for at least the next week.

Last picture of Mach 1 and Mach 2 from the lanai. I took this picture through the screen. Mach 2 is on the left and Mach 1 on the right.

We will not be leaving until May 30, so I will do what I can for Mach 1. The neighbors have feeders and a bird bath, so all is not lost when we leave. I’m a failed rehabber getting so attached to my rescues. Topaz will go to my friend next week until its feathers allow it to be released. I love this little bird and hope it will survive.

Blue and Blue Too (later Topaz)

In the meantime, I spent the day looking at every campground on our way out west to determine our ability to stay and it looks good so far. We are self contained, so no problems at this point. We are going to Washington state with reservations in three places on the Olympic peninsula that are closed through the end of the month. We are hopeful they will open before we arrive. If not, I have developed an alternate plan.

Right now, we plan to leave and we are actively packing. This has been a different packing experience than usual because we are aware that getting access to supplies along the way may be an issue. I ordered enough food for Dart for the entire trip. He doesn’t handle new foods easily, so this is a good idea. Regis said that doing this sealed Dart’s fate and he wouldn’t live past June. Dart will be ten on July 4 and I’m sure that having food for the entire trip won’t lead to his demise.

Rather than just thinking about what we need and going through our list, I’m going through every closet, drawer, and cabinet in the house to see whether we should take what’s there.

I had the opportunity to talk to at least one campground as I am attempting to make reservations. I had no problem doing so, but the lady said that most people are canceling. It opens up possibilities for us that would not have been there otherwise. Some of the most desirable places book up so far ahead of time there is no hope if I delay. I am grateful to get a reservation at this highly desirable campground.

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