Baby Birds 0522 and a Raccoon

A raccoon that regularly visits our yard.

Sweetie (recently released mockingbird) and Topaz (recently released blue jay) continue to show up for handouts at both our house and the neighbor’s. Following is a video of the two from this morning. After they eat their fill of mealworms, a pair of bluebirds eats the rest. Our neighbor fed the two birds blueberries today and saw Topaz spit out an unripe blueberry before taking one from her. We have three small blueberry bushes in the yard that have blueberries on them.

Sweetie and Topaz showing up for mealworms.

A little raccoon has been visiting the yard because I have been tossing some peanuts on the ground. Dart usually doesn’t notice it because he is busy looking the other way at the neighbor’s yard because they have three dogs. Dart can wait for hours for the dogs to come out. The raccoon leaves when it sees Dart, but Dart rarely sees it.

Raccoon eating peanuts.

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