Badlands Wildlife

We arrived in Wall, South Dakota after a long drive from Sioux City North.  There are abundant birds in our campground, so we spent some time watching and photographing them.  After dinner, we headed into the park and saw lots of bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, meadowlarks, and bison.  We woke up very early this morning and headed into the park and saw few people for the first several hours.  But, we saw lots of wildlife.  I’m including a sampling in this post.

I’m having difficulty getting usable internet access, even with my hot spot.  I’m not sure whether they throttled me or something else is wrong.  If it keeps up, we will have trouble posting regularly.

Badlands National Park
Yellow-headed blackbird in our campground.
Western kingbird in our campground.
View from our campsite after a rainstorm.
Bison in Badlands National Park.
Prairie dogs in Badlands National Park.
Baby bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park.
Western meadowlark in Badlands National Park.
Short-eared owl in Badlands National Park.

6 Comments on “Badlands Wildlife

    • I remember coming here as a kid and I also don’t remember any wildlife. I wonder why. There is lots now.


  1. You got two birds I’ve never seen. The short-eared owl and the yellow-headed blackbird. You are going to pass me if you haven’t already done ti.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I now have 203 species. I suspect you have more right now but I intend to beat you before I get back. I saw a long-billed curlew today. Who knew they would be in South Dakota? I felt like I was in Florida. I also saw upland sandpipers. When you are in the middle of the Badlands it is surreal to see shorebirds. The short-eared owl was very cool.


  2. Your photos and posts are like a breath of fresh air. Stay safe and healthy.


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