Baby Bighorn Sheep Nursery

Baby bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park.

We got a late start this morning and arrived in Badlands National Park at around 6:30 a.m. and the light was already getting harsh.  We found the most amazing gift of the day.  At the first overlook, we saw at least a dozen baby bighorn sheep being watched over by a couple adults.  It doesn’t get cuter than that.  Regis got some video of the little ones.  To see it click here.

Bighorn sheep nursery in Badlands National Park. There are 12 baby sheep and two adults in this picture. The light was very harsh making it difficult to get a good picture.

The babies played and butted heads with each other.  There was also a couple babies and adults hanging around the overlook and we were able to see both babies nurse.  The moms stopped the feeding before the babies were ready to stop nursing.

It was an amazing experience.

Adult and two baby bighorn sheep at an overlook in Badlands National Park.
Adult and baby bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park.
Baby bighorn sheep nursing in Badlands National Park. There is another baby behind the nursing pair.

Baby bighorn sheep still trying to nurse while mom walks away.
“But, mom, I’m still hungry”

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