Baby Bighorn Sheep – Take 2

Baby bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park.

We had a great time watching the baby bighorn sheep in the morning and posted some pictures and video of the amazing animals.  We returned to the campground and I went into town and did the wash and picked up a few items at the grocery store.  I came back and scrubbed the inside of the motorhome and Regis did important things. Dart laid under the RV most of the day.  It’s in the shade and he gets a 360 degree view of the campground.  He’s a happy camper.

We had an early dinner and went back into Badlands National Park to look for the bighorn sheep again and possibly do a sunset photo.  Around the time we arrived in the area with the sheep a rainstorm came through.  We were able to see all the little baby sheep huddle together with their moms to make it through the storm.

After the storm was over, we got out to take more pictures and video and had one of the most amazing wildlife experiences of our lives.  Regis counted at least 18 baby bighorn sheep in a group that got very frisky after the storm and started running and hopping all over the place.  Oh my gosh, what an amazing experience to watch these little guys romp all over their very dangerous terrain.  Regis got some video which you must see.  Click here.  He did not have a good video head for his tripod, so the video is a little jumpy.  Nevertheless, it is worth watching.

I got a couple still photos below.  I have been fortunate to have some amazing wildlife experiences and this was is right up there.

Baby bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park.
Baby bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park.
Baby bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park.
Baby bighorn sheep with an adult in Badlands National Park.
Baby bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park.

At one time, the bighorn sheep were extirpated from many areas of the west due to hunting and habitat changes.  The last sheep in the Badlands area was shot in the 1920’s.  In 1964, 22 Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep from Pike’s Peak were brought back to the park to be reintroduced.  Many of them died of disease and the rest were released into the park.  According to South Dakota State University, the animals have had issues crashing from disease since their introduction.  The agencies in charge introduced more animals from other areas to increase the genetic pool and it seems to have worked.

We can say that we saw at least 18 baby bighorn sheep romping around the Pinnacles area in the park.  We did not see any males, but they would likely be roaming in other areas right now.  Although we have covered a lot of ground while driving in the area, we never saw a male bighorn.  They are obviously around or there wouldn’t be at least 18 baby bighorn sheep playing in the Pinnacles area.

With all those baby sheep, prairie dogs, and bison, it was hard for me to continue west as planned.  Nevertheless, we are looking forward to hooking up with friends and family in a safe way when we get to Washington.


4 Comments on “Baby Bighorn Sheep – Take 2

  1. I follow your road trip and I love your pictures/videos. I hope we can visit the Badlands one day. Thank you.


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