Ellensburg, Washington

20200611 -1
Great-horned owl in Washington State.

We arrived in Ellensburg, Washington after leaving Missoula, Montana.  We don’t have a particularly long drive tomorrow to reach our destination on the Olympic Peninsula.  I’m sure Dart will be happy that the long driving days are done for several weeks.  Even so, I don’t have us scheduled for the long drives on the way back.  We took two weeks to get to Washington State and will take two months to get back.

While wandering around the campground with Dart, Regis found a lovely great-horned owl.  Always pay attention to your surroundings.  You never know what you will see.

One of our campground reservations on the Olympic Peninsula begins June 18 and I spent almost an hour waiting on the phone yesterday to find out whether the campground may open.  The wait did me no good.  Because I am getting nervous about having a place to stay, I made 3 reservations in other campgrounds for the same 10 days.  I prefer our original campground, but I am relieved to know that we have options if they do not open in time.  We have enough experience to know that reservations in Washington State on the week-ends are tough, so it is important to make reservations.  I suspect the only reason I got reservations is the pandemic has caused a lot of cancellations.   We still have one 9-day campground reservation that is suspect at the end of the month.  We are a couple weeks away, so it may work out fine.  It is the only remaining campground where we have a reservation and the campground is closed.  I’ll give it another week or so before I start to look for backup plans.  It’s frustrating that there is no one to talk to about current thinking.  If I knew for sure they had no plans of opening, I would act accordingly.  But, there is no one to talk to.  Oh well.  I knew we had to be flexible on this trip, so whining is not productive.


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