Bainbridge Island


Violet-green swallow (Tachycineta thalassina)

We arrived on Bainbridge Island in Washington state on Friday to typical Washington weather.  It has been chilly (in the 50’s) and rainy with occasional glimpses of blue sky that don’t last long.  We found the campground very full beginning Friday night and through Sunday evening.  We’ve stayed in this campground a few times and never seen it so crowded.  We spent most of the week-end away from the campground and woke up this morning (Monday) to find the place nearly empty.  Every other time we stayed, the campground has always been full, even during the week.

We haven’t been taking many nature/wildlife photos the last couple days. The weather hasn’t been good while in the campground and we’ve been visiting family and taking family pictures instead.  We rode the ferry into Seattle and were requested not to leave our vehicle.  I love taking the ferry and viewing the scenery on the trip.  It was boring to be stuck in the car inside the ferry with no view of the outside.

Foxglove flower. I was playing around with some high key photography.  I’m not completely happy with the results but hope to try some more of this when the sun decides to show itself again.

We wake up to the sound of crows every morning.  When I think of the Pacific Northwest, I think of crows.  My son has crows who regularly visit his house in Seattle and they bring food items to his bird bath and often leave the remains.  My son’s Bedlington Terrier can’t wait to go out every day and see what it left behind.  It ranges from chicken bones to Doritos.



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