Car Wash and Joy


20200619 -2
Mural in Poulsbo, Washington.

Our poor Jeep and motorhome have over 3,000 miles of dirt on them.  The motorhome is hard to clean because most campgrounds won’t let you wash in the campground, so we have to find a truck wash.  We are not currently in a truck wash area.  Today, I was able to take the Jeep to a car wash in Poulsbo and it is amazing how nice the Jeep looks.  Wahoo!

After we left our lovely spot in Bainbridge Island on the water, we arrived in Eagle Tree campground on Suquamish Indian land.  Its a very tight campground but we have a nice site with a little room.  We have no complaints.

Today, we went into Poulsbo to walk around and get some pastries at our favorite bakery, Sluys.  Everything you get at this bakery is amazing.  I particularly like the Viking Cups but have never tasted anything that wasn’t amazing.

After we visited Poulsbo, we headed up to Point No Point to see what birds we could find.  It was one of those days when neither Regis or I could get a decent picture.  Nevertheless, I picked up a Swainson’s Thrush for my bird list.

Every day I check on whether our favorite campgrounds will open.  Already, Fort Worden canceled our 10 day reservations and fortunately we had backups scheduled, just in case.  Our favorite reservation was with Point Hudson.  We made that reservation one year ago and our son made hotel plans nearby.  Our entire trip was scheduled around this one campground and they have been closed for awhile.  Today, I saw that they open their campground tomorrow.  I am ecstatic.  I accepted that it wasn’t going to work out and now that it will, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.  No matter what falls apart after this, I can deal with it.

20200619 -1
Song sparrow.


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