Our recent campsite in Fay Bainbridge State Park on Bainbridge Island in Washington state.

We knew the weather over this weekend was supposed to be mostly rainy, so we made plans to hang out at the RV and give Dart a break from the car.  Regis and I went to the store for some supplies and left Dart behind.  This is probably the first day on this trip that he did not have to travel in any vehicle.  While at the RV, I caught up on some reading and worked on some upcoming reservations.  Because one of the campgrounds reopened where we had reservations, I had to start cancelling the backup reservations.  Regis joined Dart in a lazy day outside, turned out the afternoon cleared and was sunny.  Rest days are important to have now and then.  We often find ourselves spending so much time exploring that we need to stop occasionally and do nothing.

We have some new followers to our posts and want to welcome them.  We also know that there are lots of folks out there new to RVing.  We have met several of them on this trip.  We have RVed for about 3 months or more out of each year since 2015. We crossed the country 4 times and we are on our 5th cross-country trip.  If there are any questions you have, please let us know.  We are happy to share whatever may be of value to you.  We published 4 books about our cross-country camping adventures that may be of interest.  Click here.

We have been using RVTripwizard to plan our camping trips since we got started and I continue to use the software as it improves every year.  They do a good job of keeping up with which campgrounds are closed because of Covid 19.  Click here for a post we did specific to the software.  I find the software easy to use and cannot imagine planning a trip without it.  Even though I completely planned this 3 1/2-month trip, I have had to rearrange because of closed campgrounds and the software made it easy to do that.  The software allows you to filter out campgrounds that are closed due to Covid 19.  We are finding that the closures mostly impact public campgrounds and many of the private campgrounds remain open but may have restrictions.  The most important restriction is often whether the bathroom/shower facilities are open.  A few campgrounds require the RV to be self-contained.

The software allows you to put in the height of your rig and will route you accordingly.  It is not cool to find out a bridge is too low for your rig to pass under.  We still think it is wise to pay close attention to the route.  Our travel plans brought us to the Olympic Peninsula.  RVTripwizard wanted to route us through Seattle on the ferry to Bainbridge Island.  This is doable.  But, we did not want to drive the motorhome with a tow vehicle through Seattle.  We have been on Washington State ferries with our RV, so the problem is not the ferry.  We do not like driving the rig through the streets of a major city.  We knew there was an alternative route that does not require driving through downtown.

Recently, we were leaving from South Dakota to a stop in Montana and RVTripwizard sent us on the interstate.  That is usually the easiest way to go.  We found an alternate route that cut many miles from the trip, but we knew it did not have travel centers and rest stops.  We have done this route before and were aware of the limitations.  We fueled up ahead of time and took off on the shorter route.  Basically, we use a couple ways to look at the possible route.  We usually follow RVTripwizard because it keeps our rig requirements under consideration when recommending a route.  If another device gives us another route, we consider it based on our knowledge of that route and whether we think it is a viable option.

This glacial boulder is in the park in Poulsbo, Washington.


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