Mt. Rainier at sunset from Bainbridge Island.

We have had a lovely time once we arrived in Washington state.  We visited our son, his partner, and his dog a couple times.  We went to Seattle on the ferry with the car.  We would have preferred to walk on the ferry and take the light rail to near his house, but the current situation with Covid-19 makes it safer to take the car.  We played Chronology with them and beat them the first two games and lost the last three.  Perhaps we were wearing out just as they were getting started.

We are back in a campground on Bainbridge Island on the water and love it.  I woke up the first morning at about 4:30 and attempted to take some sunrise pictures and video.  I got a new panning head for my tripod and I love it.  I was not happy with the results of my photos and videos for a variety of reasons, but the major problem was the dust on the sensor.  Regis took on the task of trying to clean the sensor and cannot get it totally clean.  We may need to send it to a professional but cannot do that until after this trip.  With Lightroom and Photoshop, I can solve that problem with photos.  Video is different.  I spent about 6 hours today trying to get the spots off the video of the sunrise that I took.  I made progress, but it was too hard, and I was seeking a better solution without requiring me to purchase more software.  I am still working on that one.  I must hope for another nice sunrise to try again now that my sensor is cleaner (but not totally clean).

View from our campground on Bainbridge Island.

I will not go into all the other technical issues we have been having except to say that internet access is at the top of the list.  In the past, my hot spot was an acceptable way to get to the internet when the campground internet was not sufficient.  That is no longer true.  We are not sure why, but I am now doing all my banking, mail, etc. on my cell phone because I cannot get my computer to get decent access to the internet but I can do it through my phone.  Regis has slightly better luck but without reasonable access it is hard to upload pictures and video.  We will continue to try different solutions and see what we can do to improve our situation.

There is an active eagle nest near our campsite and Regis has been focused on getting a decent picture of the large chick. No luck so far.

Even though we have been failing in the picture/video department, we have been enjoying watching the otters, seals, and birds out in the water and onshore.  An otter ran by our campsite recently.  Regis saw it, I did not.  Not surprising.  I am convinced I care the most about seeing the wildlife and he often sees it when I do not even if I am there.

An observation from this trip so far is that the outdoor spaces in Washington state are packed with people.  We ventured to Point No Point and other areas near Fay Bainbridge Island and there are lots of people outdoors.  We have had no problem distancing from other people, so we do not feel uncomfortable.  The point is that we have not seen this much outdoor activity on visits to these areas over the last couple years.

I had to pick up a few things today at the store and went to the local Walmart.  I wanted to get some wine and my favorite wine was not available, so I opted for a box wine that was new to me.  While Regis was making dinner, I tried to open the wine and had difficulty.  Once I got the spout open, it gushed all over the place.  We had wine all over the RV.  I cleaned it up, mostly, and tried again.  Wine all over the place again.  Clearly, it is best that I do not purchase box wines.  Although I successfully did that earlier on this trip, I am not capable of knowing how to properly open the spout without having to clean up more wine than I drink. I got Regis to get me a glass of wine from the box since I am clearly not capable.

Mt Rainier after sunrise. As the sun rose, I noticed the small cloud form at the top of the mountain. A little later, it disappeared.

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